The Career Index Plus puts everything needed to select the right vocational goal in one, easy-to-use application. TCI+ is free of charge and was specifically developed with the needs of Vocational Rehabilitation in mind.

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For the case manager:

  • Everything related to in-depth career information and assessment in one place
  • Less time spent on research and documentation
  • Higher confidence that the right goal is selected
  • Ability to directly involve customers in the process
  • Automatic, extensive documentation for the vocational goal selection
  • Fewer mid-stream customer career changes
  • Automated creation of a comprehensive, structured IEP

For the client:

  • Less time spent on assessments
  • Easy to understand pros and cons
  • More direct involvement in the choice process with real-world information to support it
  • Ability to involve family and friends in the process
  • Includes daily job alerts, ability to research additional training, impact on SSI and SSDI payment levels and more

About us

We are driven by a simple idea: Technology CAN provide the tools front-line staff need to better service their clients and create significantly more successful case closures. Our passion is to create easy-to-use tools that allow staff to do what they are best at: counseling and guidance leading to successful closure for their clients.
TCI Plus was created in collaboration with WINTAC (Workforce Innovation Technical Assistance Center) under a grant from The Rehabilitation Services Agency. For more information click WINTAC WIPPS. Our partners in WINTAC include George Washington U, San Diego State U, U of Arkansas, Syracuse U, Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation, National Disability Institute and Policy Works.